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A mobile app to take professional golf tips, golf drills, and golf instruction to where you need them most - the golf driving range and golf course.

Golf Tips Quick provides portability. Review golf tips anytime - over a cup of coffee, while waiting for a spouse or friend, taking a break at work. You'll improve quickly with repeated review of golf tips, drills, and instructions on driving, long irons, short irons, chipping, pitching, putting, bunker play, and specialty shots.

NOTE: Golf Tips Quick mobile app is only available on Android at this time.
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  • This is a great app! I just started golfing again, and these tips are really helping me get up to speed. It's like taking a golf pro with me every time I golf. Thanks!
    Shary Raske
    Gave 5 Stars in Google Play Reviews
  • Great app for improvement. This app was very helpful with quick tips that were easy to follow. Glad I found it.
    Scott Vogel
    Gave 5 Stars in Google Play Reviews
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    Most Complete Golf Tips, Golf Instruction, Golf Drills Mobile App on Any Market

    • Most complete Golf Tips mobile app on any app store
    • Golf tips from numerous sources of professional golfers and golf instructors that would take you all day to collect and review
    • Take the Golf Tips to the driving range or golf course, review while you practice or before you play golf
    • Golf Tips, Golf Instruction, and Golf Drills all in one app
    • Huge advantage of Golf Tips Quick: In a matter of minutes, you review and select the key golf tips that you want to work on and save as Starred items for quick review.
    • Improve quickly by focusing just on a few Starred golf tips for 5 times, then change them
    • Home screen shows All tips, just scroll through them to quickly pick the ones of interest
    • Home screen can show Grid view (shown in image at right) or List view (shown in next image below)
    • Latest screen shows the most recent ones - they automatically download as they are released
    • Unread screen shows the Golf Tips you haven't yet read
    • Star screen shows just the Starred golf tips
    • Source screen shows you the numerous sources, all from high quality golf websites, golf professionals, and golf instructors
    • Web screen takes you directly to a short tutorial to immediately learn a few surprise nuances of the app
    • Golf tip screens show text with images or videos (either within the app or quickly pull up a browser or YouTube window; shown in-app in last image below)
    • Tutorial explains the screens in the app and how to navigate. The same tutorial shown on this web site is shown in the app for a quick review once you download the app. Simply tap on the "Web" button in the app.
    • Many customizations of the settings, only if you want to, otherwise no need to change
    • Automatically updates, and notifies you in your smartphone notifications, with new golf tips, golf instructions, and golf drills as they are released. Without this app, it would take you many, many hours to constantly keep checking for, and find, the updates every time they occur.

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    You'll Have Golf Tips Where You Need Them Most

    With Golf Tips Quick mobile app at your side, you'll review the golf tips, drills, and instructions right before you swing your club at the golf driving range or start your round on the golf course.

    These golf tips, golf drills, and golf instructions cover all aspects of the game - from your golf driver, to long game fairway club play, to your short game irons and wedges play, to your putting plus specialty shots from the sand bunkers, odd lies of the golf ball, and more.

    Here's the Golf Tips Quick way of fast improvement in your game:

    Save Favorites
    In Golf Tips Quick mobile app, you'll save Favorite golf tips, golf drills, and golf instructions. One method we highly recommend is to save only three or four golf instructions, tips or drills as Starred items, one for each for the driver, the irons, and putter, plus possibly a fairway club, long iron, or sand play.

    Then review just these golf drills each time you practice at the golf driving range or review the golf tips before you play a round on the golf course. Review these for five sessions to incorporate them into your play.

    Feel Confident
    Once you feel confident in those golf tips, golf drills, and golf instructions, then change your Starred items and practice the new set for another five sessions. Resist the temptation to change Starred sets each session. Although it seems like it may take longer to improve your game, by following the above process your improvement will actually happen faster than if you changed your Starred set each time you went to the golf driving range or golf course.

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    Quickly Improve

    Before long, you'll realize just how much you've improved at a pretty fast pace because you've used the Golf Tips Quick mobile app where you need it most - at the golf driving range and on the golf course. By the way, you can also review these golf tips, golf drills, and golf instructions quickly at any time during the day to reinforce them. Repetition is the best way to remember.

    Just $2.99. For the cost of just one high quality golf ball or two low cost golf balls you can have a professional instructor at your side. Think of how many golf balls you will not lose season after season by improving your golf score with these golf tips, golf drills, and golf instructions.

    We Welcome Your Feedback
    Please, before uninstalling or giving a bad review, contact support through our Contact Us page on this web site, or through the Golf Tips Quick mobile app (Menu (the 3 parallel lines in the upper left corner of the app) > Settings > Feedback), so we can fix any problems you may have with Golf Tips Quick mobile app. Also, please send us your suggestions for improvements.

    If you really enjoy the app, we would very much appreciate your positive ratings through the app stores.

    May you hit far and straight, but if one is more prominent than the other, may you hit straighter than farther; may you putt well; and most important of all, may you Just Have Fun.

    NOTE: Tip Screens:
    For video golf tips, instructions, and drills, keep in mind that just like any other video on your mobile device, video may play differently over a 3G connection versus a 4G, 4G LTE, or Wi-Fi connection.

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